About the Artist and the Art

The artwork you see on these pages had their start years ago .  I worked in the pen and ink media using the stipple method ( which is the art of putting small dots of ink on paper to create a picture). For me it was always the smaller the dot the better.

While I loved it, it had its drawbacks . With ink, if you misplaced a dot or two, the image could be ruined.

Then I discovered the computer and “ undo “ !!   It totally changed my way of working . Along with doing pen and ink I also was very influenced by the impressionist and with my computer I was able to try things I never could before . Using colors I had only dreamed of ....

Each piece is started by hand and then put into the computer to do the heavy work . Color is added, as are many special effects . Each one represents hours and hours of work . Sometimes they are left to age and many times when I come back to them I have learned new techniques.
My art is somewhere between realism and fantasy .

WILDLIFE  featured here is both endangered and what I like .

The Manatee is an endangered species and "we" are its only enemy . The pictures found here are my own view of these gentle creatures . If you look you may find more information on the web .

And the what I like is just that. Florida has so many wonderful and beautiful things I could go on for pages. I will also be adding other "gallery rooms" to include the Birds and Seashore .

Enjoy ......